Our Team

We are a small winery of devoted individuals who care deeply about the quality of the wines we make and the genuine hospitality we offer. We’re just as honored by the place our bottle occupies on your table as we are by the occasion of your visit to our winery.

Our Wines

amy-and-jasonIn one word, our wines are decidedly uncommon. We are making Pacific Northwest wines with Oregon sensibilities. Be it our blends, our stand-alone varietals, or our vermouth, our wines are varied and unique. We make wines from varietals originating in the regions of Piemonte, Tuscana, Puglia, Bordeaux, Southern Rhone and of course, the Bourgogne (yes, we make Pinots!). While our wines are definitely inspired by their “Old-World” origins and traditions, they are also unique expressions of the Pacific Northwest environment where they are rooted, and the frame of mind that characterizes our life in Oregon. Some of our wines are light, expressive & easily approachable, while others are less restrained, showing great depth and ageability. Whether they are bright & quenching or juicy & full, all are accessible.

Our Methods

cfss-exteriorOur craft is about simply making small-lot, low-input, wines. Fruit grown in the right place and fermented with as much care as intention, makes delicious wine. Each of our small, micro fermenters are filled with fruit cultivated by some of the most respected and dedicated growers in the region. Within a week or so of harvesting, each fermenter is teeming with billions of yeast cells committed to the single purpose of fermentation. We attentively obsess over that transformation with the goal of producing unique wines that express variety & distinction, while honoring the quality of the fruit and the land where it is grown. We’re ordinary people partnering with honest stewards of the land for the common goal of making extraordinary wines…

Our Ethos

corksWe have a down-to-earth approach to what we do. Drinking wine should enhance your experience, and be more about enjoyment than social status. Whatever your occasion may be, we are committed to crafting wines that enhance the food, the friendship and the good-sense that led to an open bottle.

If you decided to come for a visit, you’d find our Tuscan-inspired winery, located just north of historic downtown Carlton, Oregon. It looks out onto the pastoral charm of rolling hills and the coastal mountain range of the northern Willamette Valley… if you’re into beautiful views and that sort of thing.

Employee Bios:

Patrick Taylor
Head Winemaker – patrick@canasfeast.com
Want to know more about the wine program, our fruit sources, or where to find our wines in the market? Patrick will gladly provide you with information and perspective.
Amy Querin
Direct Sales Manager – amy@canasfeast.com
Want to know more about our Tasting Room, Cellar Club, or Events? Amy will definitely have answers for you.
Jason Brumley
Assistant Winemaker – jason@canasfeast.com
Bryan Odegard
Director of Outside Sales – bryan@canasfeast.com
Ines Magadan
Cellar Master
Homero Becerra Campos
Cellar Master
Wes Guernsey
Tasting Room Lead
John Knight
Sales Associate